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With over 250,000 people in the Tyler and Kilgore area, it is one of the largest markets in the country which has been underserved by public radio. For ten years Red River Radio has been asked by people in the Tyler and Kilgore communities if we could find a way to bring public radio broadcasting to the region, but a station was unavailable. Recently KPXI 100.7 went up for sale, and Red River Radio has purchased the station, which will have the new call letters of KTYK.

Red River Radio is expecting to kick off the public radio station in October. KTYK 100.7 will broadcast all of the current Red River Radio main channel programming in Tyler, Overton, Henderson, Kilgore, and Jacksonville.

Benefits to the area

Providing a source of unbiased news via local news reporting, NPR and the BBC, that will bring information from around the world to listeners. Along with our news producer, we will have a reporter from the area to produce stories for our local news broadcast.

Red River Radio will provide a voice for arts organizations in the region. We accomplish this through “Spotlight” interviews and public service announcements.

The East Texas Symphony Orchestra will be a regular feature on our Regional Symphony broadcast, which airs full-length concert performances.

The station will bring a source for classical music, jazz and blues to listeners.

Red River Radio broadcasts nearly 30 music programs featuring a variety of genres. Our local music programs and live music throughout the year provide musicians a chance to gain recognition within a large region. Red River Radio produces a dozen local programs. “Health Matters” will provide an opportunity for local physicians to participate as guests, and the community will benefit from the health information the show provides.

Informational programs such as “Bird Calls,” “What’s Bugging You?” and “Better Picture” will entertain and enrich the lives of listeners.


The Red River Radio website will also benefit the Tyler and Kilgore communities. Red River Radio provides the opportunity for people within our broadcast region and nationally to hear about our local communities through our live streaming on our website at www.redriverradio.org. We also podcast local news and other locally-produced programming on the website so that people can go back and listen again or share what has aired. Organizations will be able to take advantage of our events calendar to post information about upcoming events on the Red River Radio website.


The station will offer underwriting opportunities for local businesses and organizations to get their message out about their products and services to our entire listening audience, an audience that tends to be more affluent than the general population. Businesses which support public radio are seen by the public radio audience as being good corporate citizens, therefore public radio elevates the status of the business.

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Red River Radio brings public radio to a large rural area within our coverage region that is vastly underserved with cultural and educational programming. With this new transmitter site, we will be adding to that rural population coverage.


Public radio adds to the quality of life within its broadcast areas. Quite often businesses and employees research whether or not an area has access to public radio when considering locating within the community.

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